We've gone paper free

We have gone paper free! For a while now we have wanted to phase out the paper that we included in our packages. It was a hard decision, in part because we feel like a big piece of our branding is within those first communications you receive from us. You get a feel for our style and we can start a conversation with you by sending our little 'thank you' notes in our parcels. We know that for a lot of small businesses, it is a key way to differentiate ourselves from the big brands and a lot of emphasis is placed on those kind of efforts. 

Thank you note

However! Sustainability is a core value at Urbansize and something we really decided to focus on during 2020 (and continuing). So, the paper just had to go. From now on, there will be:

No paper invoices

They will be linked in your initial email so if you need a copy you can always save it or print it if necessary. 

No paper return forms

These will also be linked in your initial email so if you do decide to return, you can print and include in your return

No paper installation instructions

These are all downloadable on our website and are in all of the product listings

oak care

No paper care instructions 

We LOVED sending you our care instructions so you know how to take care of your furniture but these are now all saved on the website under each product listing too. 

What else?

We are committed to further action to make all of this more accessible to customers and over the next 6 months we will make more YouTube videos for our installation instructions. Currently the floating bedside table has an installation video and we want to roll that out to other products as a lot of you have told us that it is easier to follow than written instructions. 

Being fully upfront, the switch to being paperfree has caused some issues so far which we are trying to think how to resolve. Some customers are frustrated by the lack of paper invoices and instructions. Many customers struggle to access the online versions. We are working on how we communicate the change so that everyone is super clear on where to find all of the information they need.

We would love to hear your input on this change. Do you prefer paper invoices and instructions? Are you happy that more companies including us are moving towards online returns?


P.s if you do receive some paper in  your package it is because we are using up all our current supplies :)



  • Sallie Agnihotri

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