Urbansize Green is our sustainability and charity initiative where we give back to our community and our environment. 

We work on numerous sustainability projects throughout the year to actively work on reducing our impact on the natural environment. We are aware that as a company who produces furniture, we have a responsibility to be proactive in how we approach sustainable practices and work on reducing our carbon footprint. 

You can read about some of our past projects here. 

We are currently working on making our packaging more environmentally friendly and reducing landfill by selling all our less than perfect or transit damaged stock in seconds sales. 

That brings us to the second part of Urbansize Green, our charity initiative. We decided to make our seconds sales work harder by donating all profits from the sales to charity. We support one environmental charity, Trees for Cities and one human charity, xxxxxx (as voted for by our instagram followers). You can read more about both of those charities here and here. 



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