To reduce waste, we decided to have a monthly seconds and sample sale of products that had flaws in them that couldn't be repaired to save them going to landfill. 

To further the benefit of these seconds sales, we decided to partner with a charity to donate the profits of those sales. 

We decided on Trees for Cities which is a UK charity that works to improve lives by planting trees in cities.

They work with local communities to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods – whether it’s revitalising forgotten spaces, creating healthier environments or getting people excited about growing, foraging and eating healthy food.

Some of the ways they help are by planting thousands of urban trees worldwide each year, Trees for Cities is building resilience against threats facing the natural environment.  Planting a range of tree species enhances structural and functional diversity in woodlands and on city streets, as well as building resistance to pests and disease.

They also run a number of schools programmes to help connect children to the natural world such as planting healthy air and creating edible playgrounds. 

These values work so closely with our own that we couldn't wait to partner with Trees for Cities to try and progress our sustainability goals and have a positive impact on the environment. 

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